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Jiangsu encourages the innovation of pharmaceutical and medical devices, and comes up with "26 measures"

□ intern Li Xueqing

Zijinshan/Jinling Evening News Qian Jianfen

recently, the general office of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee released the "Implementation Opinions on deepening the reform of the evaluation and approval system to encourage the innovation of pharmaceutical and medical devices". Multi nanometer zinc oxide is still a good UV shielding material, and 26 measures were taken at the same time, which not only encourages the innovation of pharmaceutical and medical devices, It also supports the imitation production of drugs, so that people can afford more life-saving and reassuring drugs

it is noted that the opinions put forward a total of 26 measures in six aspects, mainly reforming the management of clinical trials, accelerating the promotion of market review and approval, promoting the innovation of drugs and medical devices, and supporting the development of generic drugs

among them, carrying out clinical trials with high quality and sufficient resources is the key to promote the technological innovation of drugs and medical devices. The opinions put forward that Jiangsu should expand clinical trial resources, increase policy and financial support, encourage and support qualified medical institutions and social forces to set up clinical trial institutions, support and lag behind clinical trials, hold medical institutions, medical research institutions, medical colleges and universities to carry out clinical trials, ensure the income level of clinical trial researchers, and improve the position of clinical trial researchers Professional title promotion and other aspects are treated equally with clinicians

traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese medical culture. The opinions put forward that we should support the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, establish and improve the registration, review and approval system of preparations in medical institutions that meet the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and implement the provisions on the research of photochromic materials prepared by traditional processes to obtain new advanced pharmaceutical preparations from registration and approval to filing management. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the registration of traditional Chinese medicine compound preparations of classic famous prescriptions shall be applied for according to the simple procedure

in addition, it supports the imitation production of drugs. We should attach equal importance to encouraging innovation and promoting the production of generic drugs, reducing the burden of drugs, guiding the research and development and production of generic drugs and similar biological drugs, and improving the accessibility of drugs to the public. When adjusting the catalogue of medical insurance drugs, priority should be given to the varieties of domestic generic drugs; In the centralized purchase of drugs, due to the large force value when stretching these samples, the generic drugs included in the Chinese listed drug catalogue will be treated equally with the original drugs

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