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Determination and control of color in plastic molding

more and more consumers are confused about the color of plastic products. How to scientifically describe and determine the color of products so as to eliminate personal "Prejudice" against color is a difficult problem for all plastic processors

today, the importance of accurately controlling the color of plastic products has been widely accepted. Formulaic color description and professional color control are all over the plastic industry. The advantages of digital color control are obvious. In most cases, the expected color of the product can be achieved through the least test

color digitization also plays an important role in quality control. It enables producers to establish an acceptable color tolerance, so that material manufacturers and mold suppliers can have a basis for the inspection of pigments, components, raw resin, etc. It also provides valuable data for the statistics of processing control system parameters, and minimizes the nonconformity of products caused by color deviation. The digital color control system can even help Plastic Processors deal with residual materials to achieve the specified color through the identification of color tags

therefore, establishing and maintaining a set of color standard system can make production and then adjust the range size according to the actual rough measurement results until the required products meet the requirements, reduce the test and production costs, and reduce rework and return. For example, in an automobile factory, quality control personnel must ensure that the components produced by various materials such as fabrics, plastics and textiles can be assembled together harmoniously and achieve the creativity expected by the designer, whether the surface of these components is smooth or textured

know color

it is impossible to understand how color is measured and controlled without understanding the essence of color. In life, color is a common element, and people are used to it. In fact, this is a complex phenomenon, involving many factors such as physics, psychology, individual experience and memory

color is the result of the interaction of light between the object and the observer, which is produced by the specific transformation of light by the object acting on the observer's color perception system. Objects can change the propagation of light in different ways. For example, a solid can reflect light, and a transparent object can pass through light. In fact, the light source itself is a variable. The unique effect of each specific object on different light forms the color of the object. For example, the rose is "red", not because it is born with a special "erythroid", but because it happens to reflect this kind of light defined as the red wavelength by the observer

color control of the whole supply chain

in the production of plastic parts, color control involves multiple suppliers, including pigments, resins, masterbatches, processing and molding and other links. The failure of color control at any stage may cause the color deviation of the final product. The establishment of digital color measurement system means that every link of the supply chain can use the same color language to communicate, and it also means that the color can be controlled at every step to make it within the allowable deviation

after understanding the above knowledge, we know that the key to color control is the basic composition of color - the determination of the absolute value of visible light wavelength. Without highly accurate instruments, it will be an impossible task. The instrument and the human eye receive "color" in the same way. They collect the light wave reflected by the object to be measured, measure the wavelength of the light and express it digitally. The difference is that there is no individual difference like human beings

about X-Rite's color management system

at present, more and more processors have begun to establish their own supply chain color management system. They choose X-Rite color management equipment and software to establish accurate color control standards and determine the allowable deviation of colors, and use the same instrument to detect colors in every link of the whole supply chain to ensure the consistency and accuracy of colors in the whole process

x-rite color meter and x-ritecolor? Master Web edition software cooperates with each other so that processors can run the software on the network, so that color data can be recorded and exchanged conveniently, which is more conducive to color control and quality control in the whole production process. X-RiteColor? Master Web Edition allows accurate color data to be instantly exchanged anywhere in the world

science of digital color measurement and control system

1. X-Rite color measuring instrument

today, the invention of X-Rite system enables color control to reach an accurate level. This new color language began with spectrophotometry

spectrophotometer is the most accurate and convenient color measuring instrument. They measure the color data of the reflected light of objects according to the spectral range of visible light. The spectrophotometer measures the composition of light through a sensor, thus obtaining a series of reflected light data, and forms a spectral curve in the form of a diagram. This curve is the "fingerprint" of color, which is convincing color data

x-rite system has a portable spectrophotometer with full range color measurement options. For example, X-Rite multi angle spectrophotometer can measure the visible light color of pearl luster, metallic luster and other special luster. X-Rite spherical spectrophotometer can accurately measure the color of various smooth or textured surfaces

2. SP series portable integrating sphere spectrophotometer

sp62 can provide the absolute value and phase difference value of the following colorimetric system. The value is mainly expressed by 9 standard light sources: CIE XYZ, CIE YXY, CIE LAB, Hunter lab, CIE LCH (l*c*h is calculated by ab or UV colorimetric space), CMC and CIE94, whiteness and yellowness in ASTM E, isochromatic heterospectral index and din6172

sp62 can measure opacity and intensity of three colors (appearance, chroma and tristimulus). In addition, sp62 also has 555 color light classification function for textile. This measurement is helpful to the color quality control of plastic, coating or textile products

sp62 simultaneous measurement includes specular reflection (true color) and excluded specular reflection (surface color) data to help analyze the influence of sample surface structure (mirror) on color

sp62 stores 1024 standard continuous tolerance settings to facilitate qualified/unqualified measurement, and sp62 will sound the unqualified results. The response time of the instrument is fast, and the measurement time of each sample is about 2S

sp62's fuselage structure is mainly designed for user convenience and conforms to ergonomic principles. The built-in operating procedures help users use the instrument. The red/green LED display lamp and large screen display make the data easy to read. Wrist strap and hand-held body design ensure comfort and accuracy when using

3. Premier 8000 Series benchtop spectrophotometer

this series is a bench top spectrophotometer, which can easily transmit and display measurement data and capture images. The first built-in CCD digital target positioning system allows users to directly and easily preview the target positioning through the computer screen and make adjustments

the instrument has a wide transmission measurement space, which can accommodate large samples. In addition, there are different sizes of sample containers and fixtures to choose from, and the measurement results can be obtained quickly and accurately without special adjustment. This transmission spectrum measurement can be used for translucent or fully transparent plastics, glasses, dyes, petroleum or other liquids

8400 model provides excellent inter platform difference of instruments, and its data can be exchanged with X-Rite SP series portable spectrophotometer, so that all departments of the enterprise can share measurement data and strengthen communication, so as to realize the integration of company standards. It can also be configured with UV chips at will to control the UV content of the measurement light source, so as to measure the color of samples sensitive to UV light

the built-in integrating balls of this series all adopt Spectralon? Carved from materials. Spectralon? It is an uncoated and durable high reflective material, which will not corrode, peel off or turn yellow with time, so it eliminates the time and cost of recoating, and can get the best reflection and measurement data at the same time. The built-in optical pure glass sheet in the light source part of the transmission measurement chamber can prevent the bulb, receiver and electronic parts from being damaged. In addition, the integrating sphere measuring protective mirror can be selectively used to prevent the damage of the instrument due to the splashing of liquid or powder during the upper measurement

8000 series is the world's first desktop fractional spectrophotometer connected with USB interface, which is plug and play, convenient to operate and can speed up data transmission. It is used to measure fluorescence and whiteness by cooperating with iseli software, so as to simulate the fluorescence and whiteness data of other spectrophotometers, strengthen the data exchange between users, and help users control fluorescent substances

8000 series can be connected to x-ritecolor? Master software series to provide quality inspection and computer color matching functions. The software allows users to store commonly used instruments and set the interface for use at any time

4, ma68 Ⅱ portable multi angle spectrophotometer

this spectrophotometer is an ideal measuring instrument for various metallic gloss, pearl gloss and special gloss of plastic processing, injection molding and extrusion molding products. The instrument can provide five angles (15, 25, 45, 7 and realize industrial production 5110) to measure and calculate the colors of various gloss emitted by objects, such as metallic gloss, pearl gloss and special gloss. X-Rite adopts dynamic rotating sampling technology to measure the color of the sample from multiple angles at the same time

5. Color expression and product quality control of X-Rite system

x-rite color master software is an application software based on Windows operating system, which is characterized by simplicity, convenience and strong operability. There are two different versions - X-Rite color? Master quality assurance software and x-ritecolor master formulation software. The former monitors and maintains the color quality of the whole supply chain, while the latter determines the fixed or minimum amount of opaque, translucent or transparent colorants. All x-ritecolor master software is jointly completed with the participation of professional designers of about 300000 ton meters in supermarkets and other retail places

combining these two versions of software can form the network version of x-ritecolor master. It is an application software based on server environment. X-ritecolor master Web edition can run on any server in the world. Users can use the existing network system of the company. Local area, wide area and Internet can meet the requirements of x-ritecolor master Web edition software. If necessary, x-ritecolor master Web edition also has a global color standard database interface. Authorized professionals can change the software settings and color standards on the central server to ensure that the data of the whole supply chain is updated at the same time, which ensures the accuracy of the software data running on each computer when the specimen is compressed axially, and saves the time and money spent in updating the data

x-ritecolor master Web edition can run seven languages at the same time. In a word, the X-Rite color measurement system enables the formulation designer to easily obtain color information with minimal effort. Quality control personnel can also easily inspect whether raw materials and products meet the requirements of product standards. (end)

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