The hottest export of rubber products in Malaysia

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Malaysian Rubber also brings opportunities for their cooperation this year, and the export of rubber products will increase by 11%

balanevi, Deputy Minister of Malaysian Ministry of planting and former industry, recently presided over the opening of the 2011 International Rubber economic conference. He told the media that with the increase of rubber production and market price, the export volume of rubber products in Malaysia this year is expected to increase to rm14.4 billion, that is, an increase of 11% or RM2 billion compared with the export volume of rm12.96 billion last year. The rubber output of Malaysia in the first half of this year was 480000 tons, compared with 450000 tons in the same period last year. It is expected that the export benefit of the rubber industry will exceed rm98 billion in 2020

balanevi pointed out that in view of the strong and stable demand in the region and the strong and stable price of natural rubber, its export revenue in 2010 was expected to reach 40000 tons this year, with an increase of 36% to rm34billion, and its export revenue in 2009 was rm25billion. He pointed out that in view of the humanized prompt and help system, which enables users to quickly familiarize themselves with the software system, and the global economic slowdown, it is expected that the demand for natural rubber this year will be in a low range of 3.8%, that is, 11.149 million tons. He said that after the implementation of the national strategy in key economic fields, the Malaysian Rubber industry is expected to account for rm52.9 billion of gross national income in 2020

he pointed out that in order to meet the strong demand in this field, the government hopes to increase the rubber harvest per hectare through the research and development of the Malaysian Rubber Bureau (MRB)

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