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Advantages of shaftless flexographic printing machine in label printing

shaftless transmission technology simplifies the transmission structure of flexographic printing machine, improves the overprint accuracy, and avoids various restrictions of gear transmission. Re overprint function can be used to improve the flexibility of equipment application. The shaftless flexographic press is easier to operate, the hardness force near the blade is controlled more accurately, and the registration time is reduced. As an open structure, shaftless flexographic press adopts modular design. With the rapid development of the label market, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce

shaftless transmission technology has been used in printing machinery for many years, especially in rotary printing machines. In recent years, with the efforts of Chinese printing machine manufacturers, there has been a low-speed impact test, while making the material under a certain load (tension, compression, tension tension or tension compression dynamic load) will be the future development direction of the attempt on domestic gravure printing machines. The application of shaftless transmission technology in flexo printing machine is mostly seen in European printing machine manufacturers. At present, the shaftless transmission technology used in the unit flexographic press is commonly used to cancel the mechanical long shaft that transmits power, which is divided into two types from the technical type; One is that each printing unit is driven by an independent motor, which transmits the power to the embossing cylinder through the gearbox, and then to the plate cylinder through the gear; The other is gearless transmission technology, that is, the impression cylinder and plate cylinder of each group of printing units are driven by independent motors. The latter technology is obviously more valuable, which is the shaftless transmission technology in the strict sense. This paper refers to this technology

advantages of shaftless flexographic printing machine in label printing: it does not need to transfer power to each printing unit through the spindle; There is no need to transfer torque and change the direction of rotation through a high-precision gearbox; The structure of the machine is simpler, the problems caused by inaccurate mechanical installation are avoided, and the installation of the machine is easier; No gear lubrication system is required, and the mechanical noise of the machine is greatly reduced; Without complex mechanical transmission, the daily maintenance of the machine is easier; Because the plate cylinder 2 The jaw quality is poor and the embossing cylinder is driven by a separate machine with low electric sampling rate. There is no gear meshing between the two cylinders, which avoids the printing quality problems such as ink bars caused by gears; The repeated circumference of the plate cylinder has no limit on the number of teeth, and the size of the plate can be changed steplessly, saving the printing materials; Without the limitation of wheel engagement, the range of printing materials is wider, which can basically cover most kinds of label materials at present, and the thickness is usually guaranteed to be between 0.01-0.6mm; Most parameters of the machine can be set in the central control system and can be stored in the computer for repeated calls; During production, different operators can use the same production parameters to ensure the consistency of product quality; The sleeve type plate cylinder is usually used in flexo printing machines without shaft transmission. Compared with the plate cylinder of traditional flexo printing machines, the sleeve type plate cylinder is light in weight, easy to install and replace, and reduces the labor intensity of operators; When the machine is running, it can also change color, version and other work to improve work efficiency

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