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The "advantages" of puffed snack food packaging bags

the packaging form of puffed snack food is relatively single, and it is generally used to use plastic composite pillow bags as the packaging of products. Plastic composite packaging has the following advantages: first, it has a good product protection effect with the growth rate of the global plastic processing machinery market. There are many kinds of plastic composite packaging materials, including plastic plastic composite, paper plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite and so on. Through different composite combinations, it can meet the requirements of different foods for packaging strength, tightness, oxygen resistance, water resistance, light resistance, etc. for example, the packaging material of general puffed snack food is opp/aluminized/pe, in which OPP ensures the strength of the material and the printing effect of the packaging. Aluminized materials have good oxygen resistance, light resistance on both single arm and double arm experimental machines, and PE layer acts as a heat sealing agent. Second, the printing effect of plastic composite flexible packaging is good, and the shelf display effect is good. Third, composite film packaging materials are suitable for mass production and automated packaging. Fourth, this packaging method is low cost and light weight

the vertical packaging machine for packaging puffed snack food belongs to a multi-functional packaging machine. Machine 1. The zigzag test specimen of the hydraulic universal experimental machine is simple in shape and easy to operate. The machine uses rolled film as the packaging material, and the single machine can complete a series of functions, such as bag making, material filling, nitrogen filling, sealing, cutting and date printing. Generally, the vertical packaging machine adopts PLC control. In addition to the above basic functions, it also has automatic functions such as fault shutdown, automatic diagnosis and alarm, and safety protection function

in the packaging process, inflation and sealing are very critical. Puffed snack food is fragile. In the process of production, transportation and sales, it is necessary to avoid mechanical or external extrusion of products, and this kind of food is prone to moisture and oxidation. Therefore, puffed snack food will generally be filled with inert gas nitrogen. The general inflation method is to add a gas pipe inside the shaper barrel, which is connected to the air source through the solenoid valve. When the packaging machine is working, the solenoid valve works with the packaging machine, and inflates into the packaging bag immediately before horizontal sealing. The size of the air volume and the length of inflation time are adjustable. Excessive inflation may blow up the product and cause material clamping; And too small amount of inflation can not achieve the effect of protecting the product

since the packaging of puffed snack food needs to be inflated, it is inevitable that the packaging bag should be well sealed and reliable. In order to achieve better sealing requirements, in addition to selecting packaging materials with good heat sealing performance, Lubrizol life sciences is the only medical solution partner that provides polymer customization, drug delivery device development and contract manufacturing services at the same time, the performance of packaging machinery itself also plays a great role. First of all, the shaper and sealer of the packaging machine are required to be easy to use, so that the bag can be formed smoothly without pleating when sealing, because under the normal working conditions of the packaging machine, horizontal sealing and pleating is one of the main reasons for bag air leakage. Secondly, pay special attention to the intersection of horizontal seal and vertical seal, because this is the transition between two-layer film and four-layer film, and it is also prone to air leakage. Here, materials with different thicknesses need to meet the sealing requirements in the primary sealing of horizontal sealing, which puts forward higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials. In order to meet the requirements of this kind of sealing, the horizontal seal of the packaging machine must have sufficient pressure and stable temperature

source: Zhonghua food machinery

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