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According to the statistics of Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to may, the cumulative weight of 242 batches of latex products exported from Jiangyin area was 1661 tons, with a value of $8.99 million. The export volume increased by 18% year-on-year, and the value of goods increased by 24% year-on-year, showing a trend of simultaneous growth in volume and price. The main export varieties are latex gloves, sterile medical gloves and condoms

since this year, the export situation of foreign trade has been relatively severe. The export of Jiangyin latex and coal chemical products has been able to maintain growth against the trend, thanks to the successful operation of the diversified market strategy of relevant enterprises. From the initial Japanese and American markets to the balanced development of Europe, Asia and the United States, Europe has expanded the Eastern European markets such as Russia and Poland foam granulator, the Americas has opened up the South American markets such as Mexico and Chile, Australia and Africa also have exports, and the cultivation and growth of customer groups in different regions have effectively resolved trade risks. Over the years, Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken many measures to help enterprises expand the international market. The Bureau has sent staff to guide enterprises to improve the quality management system, improve the export classification level, and gradually enter the ranks of first-class export enterprises. Lin Yongfei, chairman of the polyurethane products special committee of China Plastics Association, said that the supervision mode, and guide enterprises to make full use of regional preferential origin policies, Reduce export customs clearance costs and enhance product competitiveness

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