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Zhangjiagang: export of two sets of million dollar plastic machinery

recently, after passing the inspection of Zhangjiagang inspection and Quarantine Bureau, two sets of pipe production lines with a value of 1million dollars produced by Zhangjiagang Yili Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully sent to Egypt, creating the largest single export record of Zhangjiagang plastic machinery

it is reported that plastic machinery is a characteristic industry in Zhangjiagang, with more than 150 production enterprises, accounting for half of the country. However, these products are commodities outside the catalogue of legal inspection, and their daily export is not subject to the supervision of the inspection and quarantine institutions. If a large amount of plastic waste is buried underground, according to the intergovernmental agreement, since 20 (2) machine barrels: 1 metal seamless pipe barrels were required by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of Zhangjiagang to carry out pre shipment inspection for export to Egypt in May 2009, the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhangjiagang found that such products generally have safety and quality problems. In response to this situation, the bureau took the opportunity of carrying out the activity of "making products in a negative way", on the one hand, it held a technical training and guidance meeting for the plastic machinery industry to provide technical guidance, explaining in detail the mandatory requirements of the technical specifications and the relevant requirements of the quality assurance ability of export enterprises. On the other hand, the Management Committee of Zhangjiagang Metallurgical Industrial Park, quality supervision and other departments have jointly carried out a special action to improve the quality of the plastic machinery industry in Zhangjiagang, jointly improving the quality level of the plastic machinery industry in Zhangjiagang, and effectively improving the international market competitiveness of the plastic machinery products in Zhangjiagang. L screen flattening experiment: the diameter of the rubber block is 8mm

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