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Advantages of semiconductor pumping over lamp pumping

traditional solid-state lasers are usually pumped by high-power gas discharge lamps, and their pumping efficiency is about 3% to 6%. The large amount of energy emitted by the pump lamp is converted into heat energy, which not only makes the solid-state laser need to use a bulky cooling system, but also causes the irresistible thermal lens effect of the working material, which makes the beam quality worse. In addition, the service life of the pump lamp is about 300 hours, so the operator needs to spend a lot of time changing the lamp frequently and interrupting the system work, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the automatic production line. Compared with the traditional lamp pumped laser, the semiconductor pumped laser has the following advantages:

(1) high conversion efficiency: because the emission wavelength of the semiconductor laser is consistent with the absorption peak of the solid-state laser working material, the cost management is consistent, and the pump light mode can be well matched with the laser oscillation mode, so the optical conversion efficiency is very high, which has reached more than 50%, and the overall efficiency can also be equivalent to that of the carbon dioxide laser, It is one order of magnitude higher than the lamp pumped solid-state laser, so the semiconductor pumped laser can eliminate the cumbersome water-cooling system, with small volume, light weight and compact structure

(2) reliable performance and long service life: the service life of the laser diode is much longer than that of the flash lamp, up to 15000 hours. The energy stability of the pump light is good, which is an order of magnitude better than that of the flash lamp pump. The performance is reliable. It is a fully solidified device. It is the only laser without maintenance so far, especially suitable for large-scale production lines

(3) output light automatic clamping and loosening device, sample clamping force: 690kpa, good beam quality: due to the high conversion efficiency of volume pumped laser due to semiconducting - the most important thing is the control system, the thermal lens effect of laser working material is reduced, and the output beam quality of the laser is greatly improved. The laser beam quality is close to the limit M2 = 1. Therefore, the cost performance of semiconductor pump is much higher than that of lamp pump. (end)

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