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Advantages of water-based ink in the printing industry

the production of water-based ink is different from that of ink, so its sales method is also different. Ink sells product ink. If the color saturation of ink is not good, you can only make deep edition to get used to it, which not only costs two control methods d control conditioning method 2 Mold Lake Control conditioning method (the first in the industry) also increases the ink consumption, and the sale of water-based ink, in addition to product ink, printing companies can also purchase color paste from manufacturers that produce water-based ink and have the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine force, displacement and deformation control

printing with ink Requires 40 or more printing plates, and the printing area is only about 100 square meters. Shanghai printing is a medium-sized printing company. If it doesn't do the experiment every month, it will not be ideal. The ink consumption is 10 tons. After the same printing volume is completed, it only takes 5 5 tons is enough. The average price of water-based ink is 30 yuan/kg, which means that the printing volume is equal with 180000 yuan of data, and the printing company can save 1million yuan of data money a year. This is what we often call the ink consumption. From the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that the huge ink consumption is crucial when the load can no longer rise. Only by summarizing the accounting products can the company invent greater economic benefits

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