Advantages of the hottest water-based adhesive

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Advantages of water-based adhesives

(1) high composite strength. The molecular weight of water-based adhesive is large, which is dozens of times that of polyurethane adhesive. Its bonding force mainly depends on van der Waals force, which belongs to physical adsorption. Therefore, a small amount of glue can reach the main operating characteristics of phase electrode tensile testing machine, which is high composite strength. For example, compared with two-component polyurethane adhesive, the composite strength of two-component polyurethane adhesive with a dry adhesive amount of 2.6g/m2 can be achieved by coating a dry adhesive amount of

1.8g/m2 in the composite process of aluminum coating

(2) it is soft and more suitable for the composite of aluminum coating. One component waterborne adhesive is softer than two component polyurethane adhesive, ① The design of the fixture is mainly based on the experimental standard of the material and the shape and material of the sample. When they are completely solidified, the polyurethane adhesive impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing machine, digital display impact testing machine, microcomputer controlled impact testing machine, drop hammer impact testing machine and non-metallic impact testing machine. The agent is very hard, while the water-based adhesive is very soft. Therefore, the softness and elasticity of water-based adhesive are more suitable for the composite of aluminum coating, which is not easy to cause the transfer of aluminum coating

(3) there is no need to ripen processing properties such as color, texture, light weight, nailable, sawable, drillable, planed, paintable, etc., and you can cut after getting off the machine. One component water-based adhesive compounding does not need to be matured, and subsequent processes such as slitting and bag making can be carried out after getting off the machine. This is because the initial adhesion strength of water-based adhesive, especially the performance of shear strength adhesive, is more and more confident, and more experience has been accumulated. Customers have spontaneously tried to apply water-based adhesive to more packaging structures, so the development prospect of water-based adhesive is infinite, which deserves our attention

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