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Lovol heavy industries with new products unveiled at the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Lovol heavy industries with new products unveiled at the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

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"In 2014, I bought three 35 HP Lovol tractors for farm operation. At present, they have been used for more than three years. There are few failures and the service parts are very timely. I am quite satisfied. At this exhibition, I saw the new tractor products designed by Lovol for the American market, and the appearance, configuration and technology have been greatly improved. I am ready to order two more Lovol 55 HP tractors." A booking user from Kentucky said

on February 14, the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened in Louisville, Kentucky. Lovol heavy industries, with its ts254, ts354, tb454, tb554 tractors and planter series products, appeared at this exhibition and the final performance meeting. With its fashionable and atmospheric appearance and advanced technology, the products were highly praised by users and industry experts at the exhibition

American agriculture is highly developed and highly mechanized, with more than 2.2 million farms and 920 million acres of arable land. Lovol heavy industries' products on display this time are the third-generation tractor products specially developed for the U.S. market and meet the needs of the local farm operating environment. Equipped with a high torque engine, a high-strength chassis and a synchronizer gearbox, Lovol heavy industries is not only more efficient and fuel-efficient, but also has comprehensively improved reliability and durability. At the exhibition site, Lovol heavy industries' high-grade products reached more than 60%. There were a lot of people in front of the booth, and the visiting customers had strong purchase intention. During the exhibition, more than 50 customers were received, and more than 80 sales contracts were signed on site

it is reported that Lovol heavy industries has more than 10000 tractors in the local market since the first tractor was exported to the United States in 2005. At the same time, Lovol has also established a service center in the United States. After the experiment, it is very easy to loosen and form a perfect marketing service channel if it is not well placed. Lovol tractor has become a "good helper" in the agricultural and animal husbandry production of the country

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