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Lovol heavy industry: "industry + interconnection" to build an agricultural service ecosystem

Lovol heavy industry: "industry + interconnection" to build an agricultural service ecosystem

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China's confidence to firmly put its rice bowl in its own hands not only comes from sufficient strategic grain reserves, but also lies in the continuously enhanced strength of agricultural science and technology. With the continuous penetration of information technology, especially "Internet +" and "smart +" in the agricultural field, China's traditional farming is accelerating the transformation and evolution to modern "smart agriculture"

as a leading enterprise in the field of domestic agricultural equipment, Lovol heavy industry has actively promoted the combination of modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing with mobile Internet, big data, IOT, etc. in recent years, using "intelligence, Internet, information" to define "new agricultural machinery". Under the guidance of its innovation, a picture of smart agriculture led by "Internet + agricultural machinery" is slowly unfolding in the field, bringing "hard core" support for guarding the granary of large countries and securing the "Chinese rice bowl"

the development of new technologies such as Internet, IOT and artificial intelligence carries the future of smart agriculture. "How to integrate agricultural socialized resources" has become the focus of comprehensive reform in China's agricultural field

Lovol heavy industries, which is committed to providing intelligent solutions for Chinese agriculture, has started the innovative research and development of intelligent agriculture and intelligent agricultural machinery as early as 2012, promoted the deep integration of digital and intelligent technology and agricultural equipment, and explored the intelligent realization mode of modern agriculture. Over the past eight years, Lovol heavy industries has been leading the agricultural service industry, creating three "firsts": it released the first intelligent agricultural solution ifarming in the agricultural machinery industry; Initiate the alliance of different industries in agricultural service industry; Build the first comprehensive information service platform for agricultural production

these three "firsts" have also brought another major agricultural reform in Xiaogang Village, the "first village of rural reform in China". In 2019, Lovol smart agriculture demonstration base was settled in Xiaogang village. While providing modern equipment support for improving the quality and efficiency of modern agriculture, it also actively explored "industry + interconnection", constantly explored intelligent agricultural machinery and smart agriculture, and used "interconnection +" thinking to deeply integrate manufacturing and informatization, realizing the upgrading of agricultural equipment from manufacturing to inspecting the direction of electromechanical rotation, intelligent manufacturing, and then to wisdom

every time I mention Lovol's smart agricultural machinery, the machine operators in the agricultural machinery courtyard of Xiaogang village are still very excited: "this Lovol opal tractor I drive is equipped with an automatic navigation driving system. Sowing in the field is as straight as measuring with a ruler, and the land utilization rate is higher. It is calculated that several lines more are broadcast in the field than usual." For Xiaogang Village, this set of "black technology" with high efficiency, high precision and high quality is just like customized. It is especially suitable for the combination of precision seeding, high activity and high melting wire strength to ensure that it meets the high requirements of interface pull-out strength (the force required to pull the metal contact out of the shell), land tillage, fertilization, pesticide spraying, ridging and other operations, effectively helping machine operators save costs and increase efficiency

of course, smart agricultural machinery is only a part of Lovol's Internet + agricultural applications for Xiaogang Village, while Lovol uses its big data advantages to provide agricultural machinery management, operation quality supervision and IOT management for Xiaogang Village, seamlessly connecting the whole life cycle information management and services of farming, planting, management, harvesting and drying straw processing, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the whole agricultural operation system

"the data service provided by Lovol can be said to be both internal and external. Internally, we just said that externally, they also use their own resources to solve the problems of agricultural materials and grain processing for us." Cheng Xibing said. In order to help Xiaogang Village obtain high-quality resources, Lovol has highly shared the upstream agricultural materials and downstream grain collection, storage and processing resources integrated by the agricultural industry alliance platform with Xiaogang Village, realizing a high degree of integration of the whole industrial chain

facing the new challenges of the agricultural development of Xiaogang Village, Lovol will give full play to the resource advantages of the agricultural equipment industry, strategically integrate the pre production and post production resources of agriculture, combine the agricultural operation mode of the agricultural machinery courtyard of Xiaogang village where the two heads of state boarded the review platform, build an agricultural ecosystem system, better serve the emerging business entities such as agricultural cooperatives, and make important contributions to the development of regional agricultural economy

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