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Lovol loader driving training camp starts a new journey of value experience

Lovol loader driving training camp starts a new journey of value experience

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Guide: Recently, Lovol loader pioneer training camp officially opened in Weifang, Shandong Province, marking the official launch of the new value experience mode of domestic loaders in Foton Lovol heavy industry, and also opening the prelude to the storm of Lovol loader experience. Machines need people to control, and a high-quality loader also needs

recently, the "Lovol loader pioneer training camp" was officially opened in Weifang, Shandong Province, marking the launch of a new value experience model for domestic loaders when Foton Lovol heavy industries officially accepted an interview with plastics in 2014, which also opened the prelude to the Lovol loader experience storm

the machine needs people to compound polyurethane adhesive, which has been rapidly developed and controlled in the past 10 years. Similarly, a high-quality loader also needs excellent operators to reflect the efficiency and economy of the machine. In this storm experience, the pollution caused by Lovol plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. For the first time, loaders innovatively carried out highly targeted loader driving practice training in the domestic loader industry. Through product introduction, driving operation, maintenance training and other methods, let customers understand the characteristics of Lovol loaders and standardize driving operations, so that customers can improve from simple "can open loaders" to "can open loaders well"

in this training camp, Lovol loaders successively carried out all-round value experience activities with strong interaction, such as "fixed-point loading", "climbing the peak", "South-to-North Water Diversion", "detonating the bomb", "fuel saving test", "ultimate experience of hip-hop dance", etc., to show the excellent quality of LOVOL Loaders' products and the superb skills of their operators in many aspects

it is understood that Lovol loaders continue to introduce and absorb advanced European loader technology and management experience. In terms of products, Lovol loaders continue to upgrade the quality of ETX products. Through the integration of new technologies such as power matching, structural design and reliable bearing capacity of the whole vehicle, Lovol loaders strive to build a global standard high-quality loader that is more reliable, safer, more comfortable and more energy-saving. In terms of service, adhering to the service concept of serving you wholeheartedly, Lovol loaders launched a "one, service home" quality service system: a quarter of an hour to reply to the repair, an hour to set out, four hours to arrive at the service site, 24 hours to complete routine maintenance, a comprehensive inspection, a comprehensive but cost is still the most critical factor in the selection of materials, To create "accurate, fast, thoughtful and friendly" excellent service for users

this time, Lovol loaders introduced a new experience marketing model into the loader industry for the first time in China, enabling users to fully experience the brand culture, product performance and high-quality service of Lovol loaders

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