The hottest Lovol loader helps Chilean customers g

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Lovol loader helps Chilean customers get rich

Lovol loader helps Chilean customers get rich

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a young man in Antofagasta Province in northern Chile implemented the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. In 2007, villager erihani was initially just a miner in Chuquicamata copper mine, the largest open-pit copper mine in the world, Erihani bought two Lovol loaders to work in the mine. After years of efforts, erihani has also become a little famous miner in the mine from an ordinary miner. Erihani bought Lovol loaders through the introduction of other machine operators. Before buying, erihani had an in-depth understanding of Lovol heavy industry. When he learned that Lovol heavy industry is a professional mechanical equipment manufacturer, which owns loaders, excavators and other equipment, it not only has stable product performance, but also has excellent brand influence and service parts supply capacity, he finally strengthened his determination to buy

in the operation, Lovol loader is responsible for mining, loading and unloading, transporting ore and other heavy-duty tasks, which makes the mining realize mechanized operation

erihani said, "these two Lovol loaders work more than 20 hours a day, and the labor volume of a day is equivalent to more than 30 labor forces. My income has doubled several times than before, which was unthinkable before."

now, taking advantage of the opportunity of increasing the mining scale of chuki Kamata copper mine, erihani takes advantage of 1 Eight Lovol loaders have been added to eliminate the influence of injection molding machines and mold factors. With reliable equipment, erihani began to promote the "full custody" service and implement the integrated operation of ore "mining and transportation". The business profit of that year reached more than 100000 dollars when talking about the relaxation experimental machine. (this article is from Lovol loader)

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