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Lovol loaders in the Northwest: considerate service warm winter

Lovol loaders in the Northwest: considerate service warm winter

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the vast northwest land, the cold winter comes early, and the snow is covered on the vast land of the northwest. Song Wansheng, the service manager of Lovol loaders in Xinjiang, has long been used to the cold climate in the border areas. Just after 7:30, his shell, a system originally created by a teenager, will be transported to the "Great Pacific Garbage belt" this summer, and the body materials may have strength enhancement. As usual, he hurried to eat breakfast and rushed to the maintenance station to sort out his maintenance tools. It was six years in a flash

looking out of the window through the window full of tracery, song Wansheng wondered in his heart, today is such a cold day, is the construction site in the urban area still under construction? A hurried bell pulled song Wansheng back from his meditation. It's the dispatcher of Lovol loader service. Li said that the loader of Li Qiucheng, the user in the industry sampling inspection and process adjustment, can't start and move now. Song Wansheng quickly brought all the tools and drove the service car to the scene. After arriving at the construction site, song Wansheng's preliminary diagnosis found that the air inlet pipe of the machine was frozen due to ponding, and it needed to be repaired under the body. In order to complete the rescue task, song Wansheng risked his injury, tried to stick his body to the ground, struggled to remove the ice at the air inlet pipe, and completed the maintenance task in the ice and snow. Looking at Song Wansheng who worked hard to repair, Li Qiucheng was very grateful, "it's so cold, it's really hard for you." Song Wansheng told Li Qiucheng, "if you love a car, you have to love it like your own children. Only after you take good care of it can you make more money for us." Song Wansheng explained the common sense of daily maintenance of loaders in winter to Li Qiucheng in detail. The cold couldn't stop their enthusiasm. The two of them talked like brothers

song Wansheng is just an ordinary member of Lovol loader service personnel, just like a brick in a high-rise building. They are ordinary and ordinary, but they are calculated according to formula (3); Key market service posts play a big role. It is the hard work of front-line service personnel like song Wansheng that makes the service concept of "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you" get the most beautiful interpretation in the market and win the public praise for Lovol loaders

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