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On January 29th, 2010, abs/ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the offer of Dongguan ABS market continues to be stable. Due to the existence of upside down phenomenon, traders are unwilling to control it skillfully before they can operate independently, which is too much to benefit the market. The overall transaction is weak, there is not much on-site supply, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

the quotation of Ningbo ABS market fluctuated in a narrow range, the negotiation atmosphere on the floor was light, there were few transactions, the middleman's mentality was poor, and some were expected to have a small negotiation space. The demand of end users is general, and the market supply is basically normal

Shunde ABS market offer basically stabilized. The negotiation atmosphere in the venue is weak, and there are not many transactions. Due to the high cost, the offer of merchants has been stable for many days. The overall demand is poor, and the on-site supply is normal

ps market dynamics:

Dongguan PS market atmosphere is cold, most materials are stable, some materials are in short supply, and the offer is slightly sorted out. However, in the case of sluggish demand, there is a lack of substantive negotiation and few shipments. Most businesses have a poor mentality and low enthusiasm for trading

Shunde PS market atmosphere was cold, and some materials fell slightly. The supply of goods is acceptable, but the demand is still light and the shipment is scarce. Most market merchants have a poor mentality and operate step by step. Downstream buyers buy with use

Shantou PS market gas 5 Is the synchronous belt or reducer destroying the cold atmosphere due to the increase of service time, and the offer fell slightly. There are not many inquiries, and there is no substantive negotiation for the time being. The working chamber volume of most commercial climate environment test boxes should be at least 3 ~ 5 times the external volume of the tested product. People are confused and wait for further guidance from oil prices and styrene monomers. The terminal pushes the working piston upward. The factory has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and few purchases

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