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July 12 abs/ps market overview

abs market dynamics:

Ningbo ABS market offer increased by about 100 yuan/ton, with a small supply. The atmosphere of inquiry is acceptable, and the transaction is ordinary. Some firm offers have a little preferential space. The traders have a small inventory. The grinding surface of the sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc, and the downstream demand is weak

the ABS market in Dongguan was mostly stable, with weak atmosphere in early trading and small trading volume. The overall social inventory is not high, and the downstream demand is weak

PS market dynamics:

Shunde PS market atmosphere is general, and the offer is stable and rising, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. The supply of most materials is acceptable, and the firm offer is light. You must adjust the light intensity by moving the spotlight below the correct height. Most goods are taken by order in the downstream. Businesses are mainly on the sidelines and continue to pay attention to the upstream trend

Shantou PS market atmosphere was active, and the offer continued to rise, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. At present, there are few substantive transactions. Merchants have a good mentality, and transactions are active. Most downstream factories take goods according to orders

the atmosphere of Dongguan PS market is quiet, and the price continues to be high. The supply of most materials is acceptable, while the supply of some materials is in short supply and the price is high. Merchants have a stable mentality, and there are load displacement, load time, displacement time, and stress strain markets with their traders

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